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SmartQA is a highly secure, centralized collaboration tool for users and companies to manage their question and answer sheets.

With core features of security, file storage and sharing, change histories, and auto-translation, SmartQA allows teams to collaborate within their organization and also globally. 


With smartQA you can effortlessly share your projects and files securely with everyone involved.


More secure than normal spreadsheets and email. smartQA and all its data is fully encrypted with 128bit encryption.


Internationally collaborate on your QA with automatic translation in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.


Internal Product


Tokyo, Japan


Frontend: React.js
Backend: Django
Cloud: Google Cloud

Challenge & Solution

QA sheets are ubiquitous in Japan for cross team communication when dealing with projects of any kind. Traditionally, this communication is done via Microsoft Excel and e-mail. When there are a large amount of people collaborating on a project, e-mailing a single Excel sheet becomes very difficult to track and maintain. Also, it is not easy to attach files and track a change history.

Japanese users are familiar with Excel and e-mail and find it difficult to move away from that due to everyone being familiar with the platforms.

SmartQA solves the inefficiencies of Excel and e-mail by centralizing the QA sheet the cloud with file storage, change history, all while looking and functioning just like a normal Excel spreadsheet which eliminates having to learn something completely new. It makes adoption onto the platform easy for traditional Excel users.

More secure than traditional Excel and e-mail communication
Access from anywhere, everything is in the cloud
Work with global teams with on-the-fly automatic machine translations
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